God needs me - Josephine in 't Niks , Spacename for Désirée Elisabeth Stokkel - not to give up on Elon Reeve Musk.

Where to start?
  • Elon = Oak
  • Eik Reeve = Landlord
  • Musk = territory perfum

  • Desiree = wish
  • Elisabeth = God oath / Leef met God
  • Stokkel = locatie

Why do I give God / Spaceforces what is asked from me;

after what has Musk done to me????

Evolution of EQ-Skills, my Corebusiness.

Evolution of Saint School for Musk x Stokkel.

Musk must die at Level 7 ; Stokkel at Level 9.

Evolution of Survival of Planet Earth.

I - Josefien - can see What needs to be done

to keep Earth & Space Healthy for All of Us.

I believe that EQ behind Bigbang is in Evolution, itself.

Evolution of Love; I partly know 'what causes Musk ... not to own the Skill to communicate for Problem-solving'.

I can fix it ... and I must make clear ...

that Musk can fix himself by Being Oak. A

nd Lord of the Oak-manor, together with Me. DEE.IPM / Josefien.